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Software For Pharmaceutical Research

Clinical trials on pharmaceutical products have been conducted on a large scale for over a century. As the need for custom software solutions that support such research in on the rise, AROBS has tapped into this market a few years ago and already completed several big projects. 

AROBS have focused on streamlining clinical trial randomization and trial supply management activities with professional Interactive Response Technology (IRT) solutions. The IRT application we have developed is built upon an innovative Web-based technology for both phone and the Web that can be typically deployed in half of what is considered the standard for similar solutions.

Two of our most illustrative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry are: 

  • an interactive Web response service (IWRS) and 
  • a customizable clinical trial management software system (CTMS).

IWRS is powered by an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), which helps customers manage patient screening and enrollment in clinical trials, randomization, and drug supply management. The Web-integrated service we have developed offers strong reporting capabilities and many other features. 

CTMS is a customizable software system used by manufacturers of pharmaceutical products to manage the large volumes of data generated during clinical trials. It maintains and manages the planning, preparation, performance, and reporting of clinical trials, with emphasis on keeping up-to-date contact information for participants and tracking deadlines and milestones.